Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Brown Flag Again ?

The past few days have certainly seen a fair bit of rain and caused a few headlines with the golf at Castle Stuart. Closer to home it's had the usual effects on the drainage and river. A couple of days ago I took some pics of the main sewer at the bottom of Brochers brae, and the sealed manhole at the Merryton bridge. That huge puddle you were wading through on the way to the maggot was not rainwater by the way, but the sealed manholes were at least holding back the turds ! At Brochers brae the sewage water was pouring down the river wall and so were the overflow tanks at Merryton straight into the river with the accompanying smell. The swans were blissfully unaware that the moat was well and truly contaminated. Today the big spate arrived with the usual trees ploughing along the riverbed, and with the low tides getting hung up on the shingle again. Lets hope they don't take the water purity samples along the beaches, otherwise it'll be a brown flag for us !

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