Friday, 22 July 2011

Some Good News

Following the previous post, where I again retrieved an abandoned fishing line from the harbour entrance. I emailed our regional councillors, the RSPB and Tony Usher ( head of Harbours ) with Photo's of the offending harbour entrance line. I am pleased to publish Tony Ushers Reply today :
Dear all

The Harbourmaster is in the process of placing the sign at the entrance to the harbour and advises he has also removed a couple of abandoned lines.

We should all remain vigilant in collecting these lines to reduce the risk to the wildlife.


Tony Usher
General Manager-Harbours
Harbours HQ

Looks like a victory for common sense, and does illustrate the fact, that the abandonment of fishing line is common since the harbour master has also picked up a few !

All I can say is, if people continue to leave fishing lines and ignore the warning sign to be erected, then a complete ban on fishing from this spot should be implemented - no if''s or buts !

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