Friday, 29 July 2011

Reunited !

After 5 days away from the river, Lefty the cygnet was reunited with the family. The trepidation and nervousness on my part were completely unfounded, since he was welcomed back by every member of the family. The first to meet and greet him was Mum of course, with much cheeping and head nodding, as though he had just been found from a walkabout. Releasing him and trying to get the camera out and recording the event was jerky at best. ( vid clip below.) After the welcome it was over to me for a feast ! Lefty however was keen to have a proper bath and dived and rolled, something a 5 star paddling pool could not offer. This morning I checked his wing again to make sure all was well, It had not varied from the night before and looked normal. (Above are before and after treatment pics). I now fully expect him to develop his wings and flying skills along with the rest of the family. This has been a valuable lesson for me also, and boosts my confidence in the handling and care of the swans should it ever be needed again.


Euan said...

Great News Joe, Me & My Mum Have Been Reading This And Watching The Vids

jayteescot1 said...

Yeah Euan, It's nice to get a result.

Anonymous said...

Awe well done Joe! What a fab result ! Elaine