Friday, 29 June 2012

The Carnage Begins

         I received the first adult seagull casualty of this years breeding season tonight. It was taken to the Police station by a visiting tourist who found it in a town street, they could not leave it injured. The police called and asked if I could take care of it meanwhile. I have given it the once over and will pass it on to the Scottish SPCA in the morning. It has a double break in the wing at the joint as well as damaged blood vessels. It's beyond my ability to repair it successfully. I cant help wondering if there are a couple of chicks standing somewhere waiting on their mother to return with food. It's a sad fact that most of these adults will be feeding chicks at the moment, it's even sadder that some people intentionally run these birds over when they are in the road ! I have seen people encouraging gulls by throwing chips into the street.  

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