Monday, 11 June 2012

Chilly for June

With only 10 days to mid summer it's chilly for June, Weather forecaster on TV says frost in the glens tonight. Could this be the start of a new ice age with cold summer's the first signs ? Although down south the weather is worse from the rain point of view, we seem to have relentless cold northerly winds month after month! Since the deaths of all 38 ducklings so far this year, hope springs eternal with the first new one's I spotted yesterday for the past month. A mother duck turned up on the island with 6 ducklings, but today she is down to 5, we can only hope that she will save some of them. the cold temperatures just don't help, with lack of insects for the ducklings.

Coming up for one month old, the Cygnets are growing at a rate of knots and turning into eating machines !

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