Saturday 23 June 2012

Riverside Pollution...Again !....UPDATE !

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) replied to my email saying that they were informed by Scottish water of the overflow and are currently investigating.

New pipe, old problem - seems like Nairn sewage system still cant cope with a 20 minute downpour ! I hope we don't get the deluge that they have been getting down south ! I stood under the Nairn A96 road bridge to avoid a 20 minute downpour this afternoon, on arrival at Merryton (sewage Bridge) well named by locals, the smell was ripe and the raw sewerage flowed freely from the manhole covers at both ends of the bridge. The short video and pics tell the story. I phoned Scottish Water to tell them of the sewerage pool on the riverside path. After the renewal of the fractured section of pipe on the west side at Brochers brae, this has done nothing to solve the problem of sewerage overspill due to lack of maintenance and or renewal of Nairn's sewerage system ! This is the start of the Tourist season and thousands of gallons of raw sewerage has now headed downstream to pollute the beaches. Having heard that one of the contractors renewing the fractured section, was of the opinion that the system was choked up and reduced to half it's capacity. Scottish water needs to maintain and upgrade where needed, IT IS UNACCEPTABLE FOR THIS POLLUTION TO CONTINUE !


Graisg said...

Hopefully quite a few people will see the above video and pictures and complain to our councillors and others that can do something to rectifty this problem.
Indeed this has been a long term problem, here's a similar video taken in the summer of 2008here's a similar video taken in the summer of 2008 and it wasn't a new problem then either. When will the authorities act to sort out Nairn's sewage system? Can any more development be considered until problems such as this are sorted?

jayteescot1 said...

Well I have forwarded the link to SEPA and Scottish water, as well as our councillors. You are quite right about this having been a long standing problem. Frankly, adding more housing stock to Nairn without improving the infrastructure particularly the sewerage system, should not be allowed.
Maybe a concerted effort on the part of our representatives might yield some results ?

Anonymous said...

It was just as well there was no more heavy rain--what a disgust and to think the swans and ducks have to swim and eat in that disgusting sewers is terrible.