Sunday, 30 September 2012

Co-op Good With Food !

With the ever increasing cost of grain and around 120 Ducks and Swans on the lower river to feed, I am always grateful for any financial assistance that comes my way. Winter ensures that I go through two or three 20 kg bags of grain a week plus 10 kg of Carrots, and wholemeal loaves. This might seem a lot of food but divided between 120 Swans and Ducks over the week, it's what is needed for their good health and survival over the winter. Paul, one of the Nairn Co-op Managers, a bird lover himself, is sympathetic to the wildlife and offered to site a few donation buckets in the King street store. The store has a policy that supports local good causes, and I am extremely grateful for the help. 

I spend around £1400 a year myself feeding the wildlife, so all you local shoppers who like to see wildlife thriving on the river, and would like to help with the cost of feeding them over the winter, feel free to deposit some loose change at the checkout ! Swan postcards can be had in exchange for donations. On behalf of the Nairn wildlife Many Thanks !

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