Tuesday, 25 September 2012

New Wetlands For Nairn ?

Last night I went to the NICE ( Nairn Improvement Community Enterprise ) presentation to the River Community Council in Nairn. Alastair Noble and his colleagues gave a laudable vision of a possible way forward for the Town's future. One aspect that caught my eye was the possible creation of a new Wetlands centre which Naturally I find appealing. I think Nairn would be an excellent venue for such a place, for we already have the river and sea close by, with many species that visit over the course of the year. Having a Wetlands centre would perhaps attract all kinds of birds and tourists, who would enjoy visiting such a place ! Maybe NICE will get enough support to start putting their vision forward, this maybe the best chance in a generation to get Nairn on the path to renewal. It was pointed out that many born and bred in Nairn are against change, this is understandable and to be expected, especially of the older generation. However like getting old, change is inevitable and has to be accepted in the end, though it may take you out of your comfort zone!
A wetlands centre might attract some of the birds shown.

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