Monday, 17 September 2012

Riverside News

I had someone call me today warning about a Dangerous dog that attacked and bit them close to the Jubilee bridge yesterday (Sunday). They were walking when a Man about 30, with a light coloured (white /fawn) Alsatian approached, and the dog bit his hand which required hospital treatment. His natural reaction was to hold his hands up away from the dog , when the dog owner told him "don't do that because the dog will attack you" !! The dog then had a go at a woman walker as well. This dog is obviously a danger to anyone who is likely to encounter it and should be leaded and muzzled. The Police would like to trace the dog and owner, so if anyone knows who it is, you could ring 01667 452222 and let them know - the leash the 30 year old man had but did not use, was red coloured.

Seems like the vandals are still alive and well too, since I saw an ironing board in the river today, maybe the flounders are not flat enough yet and need ironing !

The geese are arriving in greater numbers now, bang on time for the annual migration southwards, this heralds the start of Winter in the not too distant future !
The tree cutters were busy between the sewage and road bridges today, it remains to be seen how this project will turn out. I hope they leave the dogwood bushes alone, since they give shelter to small animals and birds over the winter. (Last winters pic of mouse, blue tit and chaffinch below)

 They only need pruning to bring out the coloured twigs in Winter.

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