Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Displaced Squabs

Another call from Moray Coast Vets on behalf of Mr and Mrs Evans who picked up 2 Squabs (young pigeons) at the bottom of a tree. The fierce winds that have been whipping up dust storms over the whole area, must have displaced many young birds blown out of their nests. Pigeons in particular don't have deep nests, they are virtually flat and the gust's today were something else! It was impossible to return these birds to the nest since it couldn't be seen or got at. A quick check on the internet, and a call to Sue our Avian adviser gave me all the info I needed to prepare a liquid feed with syringe and tube.

I will have to feed them every 4 hours a rich mixture since they are fast growing and are usually fed rich milk by the parent. The first feed went ok so far. If it gets too much I will pass them to the Scottish SPCA.
As it happens, Mrs Evans also helped me last year when I treated a duck for parasite infestation. By way of Thanks, I think Mrs Evans also deserves this Year's Membership to the River Nairn Swans and Waterfowl Trust  Welcome aboard !

Meanwhile my other resident pigeon is getting adventurous, and flown into every room in the house, favourite spot is on top of display cabinet.

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