Thursday, 18 April 2013

Rock of Wages

Today heralds the addition of massive rock armour to the sewer outfall at the Merryton flats. Apparently Scottish water have decided that this barrier is needed, to prevent erosion by the tidal race and any floods washing the outfall away. Personally I think this is over the top and a waste of money. The money would have been better spent preventing what's coming out of this "grey water" sewer! 

During yesterdays rainfall I could see quite a few sanitary items floating by and the smell was obvious too. 

I thought these items were filtered out, according to Scottish water? Perhaps the River Community Councils new found pride in the riverside might take this up with SEPA and Scottish water ?  
Having spoken to the Contractor today, I was assured that this rock would be covered over completely. If not, it would be a perfect Haven for Rats and Mink, to the detriment of everybody, as well as the wildlife!

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