Monday, 22 April 2013

Healthy Swans

Holyrood Swans have captured a few headlines last week in several National newspapers. It seems the Swans at Saint Margaret's Loch in the capital have been getting fed too much White bread, which can endanger their health. I have long encouraged people here not to feed our swans white bread, wholemeal has at least some nutritional value.

Having experimented over the years with various vegetables and foods, and got to know what they like and what they thrive on. Their natural food is river weed, with grasses, algae and seaweed. These are not always readily available, depending on seasonal and tidal conditions. Many of you will have seen me pulling fresh lawn grass during the summer, as well as tender young dandelion leaves. 

From September through to April Our Swans get only the best, with Wheat, poultry grower pellets, mixed seeds, carrots and wholemeal bread. This varied diet means we have probably the best kept and healthiest Swans and waterfowl in Scotland ! 

The proof if any were needed, lies in the cygnets they produce each year and their condition  when they leave the river - Not to mention the superb look of our swans at any time of the year! This endeavour costs about 25 hours a week in time, and around £1500 a year in feeding. Another good reason to join the River Nairn Swans and Waterfowl Trust to help maintain these beautiful birds and all the waterfowl too !

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