Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Duckling Rescue

About 5 days ago I saw a duckling trapped under the wire mesh at Merryton bridge. It had squeezed between the mesh and got stuck. I watched for several minutes as it tried to squeeze through. 

Eventually I decided to wade across the river and free it, by the time I crossed the river it had gotten free. 

However over the last 3 days I have watched one duckling from the same brood struggling to keep up with the others, with difficulty walking. It has been in obvious pain and occasionally being picked on by other adult ducks. 

                         It is smaller than the others and not getting enough food. The mother duck has been looking after it and gave me a merry chase this evening as I attempted for the 3rd time to catch the wee one and get it some treatment. 

Tonight I finally caught it and is now safely in the warmth of the Trust brooder. The hock joint is swollen on the left leg but not broken, I have given it some painkiller anti inflammatory, and will see how it is tomorrow, perhaps a visit to the vet is next.

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