Friday, 13 July 2018

Two Months On

Been a fabulous two months since the Cygnets hatched, weather has been exceptional and they have been blessed with Ideal conditions for growth. 

Looks like this Summer will go down in the record books and sure to be remembered. Duke has almost been terrorising the duck population, and intends to be undisputed boss of the river. Penny keeps total control over the Cygnets and ignores Dukes macho displays.

My rock dove Pal is still recovering from the nasty neck wound and unable to eat much on his own, although he tries a lot. I still have to tube feed him several times a day and administer medication, only hope the damage to his throat is not permanent.

The Wagtail is still feeding the youngster, and turns up outside my window every day for a handful of mealworm.

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