Sunday, 8 July 2018

Tough Times For Some

Lovely summer weather continues with a slight welcome cooling for us. 

River level continues to drop and no real sign of rain on the horizon, hardly enough for the Swans to float downstream. 

The ducklings are having a favoured start to life and are now at varying stages of growth, from several days old to fully fledged and more to hatch yet.
The local feral pigeons are having the worst of all seasons, and I have now counted 15 dead over the past week. All of them seem to be dying from the same problem, and I suspect an E coli type illness, killing them within 18 hours of appearing listless.

One of the rock dove pals of mine, who has so far avoided this, has been injured with a neck wound. This has impacted his ability to swallow and eat. Fortunately I was able to catch him due to my close connection over time. Giving him some anti inflammatory meds, rehydration mixture, and a cold compress on his injured throat. He was enjoying the cold compress so much, at one point he fell asleep in my hands. Might get the Vet to check him out tomorrow.  

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