Thursday, 7 February 2019

Banished With Tough Love

Duke is determined to keep his offspring out of his territory from now on - no matter what. You can see the power as he ploughs through the water ! Today he diligently escorted the youngsters to the end of the pier several times, and leaves them be when they enter the sea.

This is the territorial boundary which he will enforce ruthlessly for the rest of his life, this is his and Penny's territory and he in his prime, ready to tackle all comers.

He has proved himself to Penny several times over, by sticking with her and seeing off any competition, capping it all with the successful parenting of their first brood together. 

Even now he is doing what all successful Cobs do, saying goodbye with tough love to his offspring after 9 months of care and education.
I could not resist visiting the cygnets down by the pier to give them one last snack. 

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