Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Picky Penny

Fast approaching March, and another nesting season for the river birds. Fortunately the spring like weather has not yet fooled many ducks into nesting!  The good spell is coming to an end and back to more seasonal temperatures soon.

Penny and Duke are still biding their time, but Penny starts to get a little more picky prior to nesting time. Her priority over the next month will be seeking out Algae and minerals, essential to nesting and egg production.

She is in Prime condition and showed it today by flying low up river to join me for breakfast.

Afterwards she chilled, chatted and dozed beside me and Duke - It's nice to be appreciated. 


Unknown said...

My Husband and I had the pleasure of meeting you on Wednesday 27th February and we both thought you were doing a great job, Well done the swans were beautiful and we appreciated your knowledge on feeding them etc

jayteescot1 said...

Glad you enjoyed the wildlife. The swans will be nesting again soon and hopefully we will all see their offspring in late spring / Summer.