Friday, 16 August 2019

Dangerous Dog Attack

Today was nearly a fatal disaster for the birds at the Swans island. This morning I was feeding the Swans and ducks in the moat area in front of the island when a large Boxer dog came bounding past and dashed headlong into the moat after Penny and Duke, it was pandemonium as all the birds scattered in every direction. The dog was similar to the one shown here.

Penny and Duke fled down towards the end of the moat pursued by the dog swimming frantically to catch them. They dashed over the stones desperately trying to reach the river and the dog was inches away from grabbing them as they ploughed into the river. 

The dog came back to chase the ducks that were still on the island and in the moat, especially the mother duck with the 5 little ones,  she was in the water against the bank and I jumped in front of the dog to stop it jumping in after them. The dog owner was on the path calling the dog, which was totally ineffectual, it was hyper and still looking for something to grab. Eventually a Trust member walking her dogs, was able to confront the dog and the owner finally got a lead on it.
Penny and Duke had a very narrow escape and took refuge in the harbour where they are still  currently sited.  

Penny in particular will be scared, as she was attacked and badly injured nine years ago when she was moulting. 
Dog owners should be aware that 95% of the river birds are moulting right now and unable to fly, this makes them very vulnerable. 
I found out where the Dog owner stays on the riverside and he apologized and assured me he will keep the dog on a lead from now on. I will not report the incident this time, but hold the owner responsible from now on.

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