Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Duke Returns !

Last Saturday I was told about another Swan in the harbour, so went to investigate. A bedraggled Swan saw me and immediately approached, trying to scale the harbour wall. I knew right away that it was one of our previous Swans.

However with the unkempt appearance I did not realise that it was in fact Duke, having disappeared with penny on the 8th of March.

                       In his weakened state I fed him for the past few days and tried to encourage him back out to Sea. Successful  once but he has since returned. His condition has improved.

Slim knows he is hiding in the harbour between the boats, and awaits the chance to chase him away. Sadly there is no sign of Penny and  wonder what has happened to her ! My feeling is that she is OK in a flock and maybe even has another mate! Anyhow there can be no way Duke can remain in the river or harbour now, as the territory has been ceded to Slim and Sue, expecting cygnets in a few weeks. 

                         If slim does not succeed in chasing him away by next week, I will have to have him relocated  perhaps to Findhorn where he most likely came from. Averting the tragic events of 2007 when the original Popeye and Penny were attacked in the Harbour and all their cygnets were killed must be avoided at all costs !  Meanwhile the Trust asks people not to feed Duke to discourage him from staying.  

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