Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Chasing Briget

Briget our visiting Swan continues to reside in the river, keeping a respectful distance from Slim Sue and the Cygnets.

 The more I observe their behaviour, leads me to believe that Briget only wants to be part of the family! 

Having no mate or youngsters of her own, she gets as close as she can at any opportunity.

These times are twice a day at feeding time, and when the tide fills the lower river.

This allows all of them the water to amuse themselves with short chases around the island strip, 

                     even the cygnets join in the chase. 

Eventually Slim and Sue calm down and let Briget Snooze on her little patch of river.

             Short video below at feeding time, with Briget happily behind me - Slim and Sue ready to pounce !

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