Saturday, 24 July 2021

Duck Rehab

After ten days intensive care literally cooped up, it was time to allow the ducklings into the aviary. Having doubled in size they needed space and water, as did their injured rehab Mum.

The good care and feeding has payed off with her strength improved she managed to get out through the hatch on one leg! 

With careful hops she eventually got into the water tub for a good bath. Her ducklings had a great time too, watched by Disco our resident duck in the garden.  

My previous experience of duck leg fractures tells me that the fracture will have already callused and fused together. I have been supplementing her diet with cuttlefish shells for calcium, in the hope that it helps. Removal of the splint bandage this coming week is the real test...I am dreading it, yet eager for a successful outcome - for she cannot survive long with one leg. Short couple of videos below showing the brave mother duck first venture out of rehab coop. 

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