Thursday, 22 July 2021

Tough Times

Tomorrow I will give the injured duck a final dose of pain relief - anti inflammatory, and hopefully allow the final healing of the fractured bone. 

Resetting the leg forward has been more comfortable for her, allowing a little use of the toes It has been a tough time for the brave mother duck, with the added stress of her ducklings in a confined space. 

They are growing and some still persist on climbing on her back, unaware of the discomfort they are causing. 

                        In a few days I'll partially open the coop to the aviary, just enough to let the ducklings explore the outside safely, where Mum can still see them and call them back when she wants. I designed the aviary and coop with a sliding access door. My hope is that Mum will retain at least partial use of the fractured leg, enough to move around the aviary and get in and out of the water. Whatever happens, the ducklings will have to stay for another 8 weeks until release to the river. Mother duck will have to make a full recovery in that time to stay with them, otherwise a life with me, Disco and the Trust lies ahead. Short progress video below.

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