Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Nairn Swans Put at Risk !

As I predicted a few days ago on my council vandalism posting http://simplysuperbswans.blogspot.com/2011/08/council-vandalism.html . Today I witnessed first hand what council Incompetence means to the safety of the Nairn Swans. A group of visitors had encouraged the cygnets close to the river wall making them easy prey for any uncontrolled passing dogs. I have complained to the powers that be, and as yet have had no response, and whats worse the council have still not raked up the bramble cuttings that were strimmed along the wall. These cuttings could get impaled into the mouths of the swans when high tides allow access to them, this could cause infection and possible death. WILL THE COUNCIL GET THESE CUTTINGS RAKED UP AND REMOVED FORTHWITH !

The pics show how the natural vegetation barrier along the wall has been removed, thus allowing the cygnets access to the wall and obvious danger. The pics also show the Alien plant species (Himalayan balsam to the left of the photo) still growing happily, (was this the intended council target for cutting ? ) Maybe the River Community Council should be asking questions ? The final photo is yet again a reminder of what can happen to a swan after a dog attack ! Should anything happen to the Nairn swans because of the removal of habitat I will be holding the Council responsible ! Can I also remind people not to feed the Swans out of the water !!

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