Thursday, 1 September 2011

Swan Safety

I was reliably informed by two eyewitnesses yesterday that the adult Swans were on the riverside path near the seaman's hall. This was exactly what I said would happen after the Council cut the vegetation which was a barrier to them getting onto the path. No one has yet owned up, as to who ordered the cutting of the wildlife habitat, but someone has alleged it was councillor Marsden ? It is just an eyesore now and with the high tide washing all the debris along the wall, maybe councillor Marsden would put his litter collecting talents to good use and pick up the daily litter along this part of the riverside ? I hear also that Nairn has won the carbuncle award, Hurrah ! No surprises here then, in fact I took a pic of an overflowing rubbish bin which has stood full all week with a recyclable cardboard box stuck alongside, part of which I pulled out of the river today. No doubt one of the houses close by cant be bothered moving away from their 51 inch TV to put the box into the available row of blue bins close by. I remarked on this blog in previous years about the lack of civic pride in Nairn, and have done my bit to beautify the River, with the provision of a beautiful Swans nesting site and cleaning the harbour from time to time.
Many of my blog viewers around the world get to see the good side of Nairn through the river wildlife, never mind we can boast that we probably have the most beautiful brood of cygnets in Scotland ! One small step for man - tonight I see the new Wildlife Safety sign has been erected at the harbour entrance - a giant leap for common sense. Too bad they didn't listen to my plea for keeping dogs on a lead signs in this area too - might be a little less dogs mess if they had !

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