Monday, 20 July 2009

Cygnet Saved !

Thanks to a concerned and alert Nairn resident, one of the 8 Cygnets in the harbour was saved from a possible unpleasant death. My Thanks to Iona Sutherland for phoning me this evening about a distressed Cygnet that was tangled up in fishing line in the harbour.

When I arrived on the scene the cygnet was struggling to free itself from the lethal handline that was tangled round it's feet and neck, to make matters worse there was a fishing hook through its cheek as well. The parents were in obvious distress and the cob was trying to free the line from under the water.

After climbing down to the pontoon I was able to entice them close with their favourite wholemeal bread. My first attempt to grab the cygnet failed, and I thought I had blown their trust in me. Fortunately they came close enough for me to get a second chance, and I managed to grab the stricken cygnet.

The Cob could easily have attacked me but surprisingly he did'nt, I like to think he knew I was trying to help.

Removing the hook was my main concern, and luckily it was visible and through the soft cheek area of the mouth. Once removed, I untangled the line from around its legs and back and returned it quickly to the water.

The remainder of the line was still in the water and I retrieved as much as I could, the end was still stuck either on someone's boat or outboard or on the pontoon somewhere.

The released cygnet was naturally very wary about joining the others and coming close even for food, after several minutes it regained the confidence to join in the feeding.

I was worried about destroying the trust that I have built up over the years, but thankfully my fears were unfounded and I left them happily safely together.

My thanks again to Iona for giving me a call and helping to save one of our beautiful Nairn Cygnets.

I would ask all parents to warn their children of the dangers of fishing hooks and line to wildlife, and to withdraw fishing line from the water if the Swans are close by.

Swans are curious by nature and are always searching for food in any case.

Enclosed pics of the lethal handline and Swan family in the harbour.
CYGNET UPDATE. After a close inspection today I was pleased to see the injured Cygnet alert and eating but with a slightly swollen right cheek, hardly surprising after a fish hook through it.


Anon said...

Glad the swan is ok after your rescue of it.

jayteescot1 said...

Thank you anon, only possible because I was informed in time to do it.