Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Welcome relief for the Angling fraternity, at long last a summer Spate!
Enclosed pic of Salmon under the merryton bridge a few years back, the anglers will be hoping for more of the same up the river tomorrow!

The river has been extremely low for weeks due to the Costa Del Moray weather we are sometimes blessed with. It might suit the sun worshipers, but the anglers are keen to wet a line with the grilse surely running now?
As it happens, I saw a grilse turning at the entrance to the harbour last night, so that's a good sign.

The river has been full of weed and virtually unfishable, this spate should shift some weed at least.

The Swans have had an abundant food supply of weed, which is just as well with all those cygnets to feed. They are growing at a rate of knots and are starting to show their individuality, the parents are now letting them stray slightly from the tight formation they have held since hatching. Enclosed photo of them feeding on weed at the harbour entrance beginning of June.

Also yesterday where they were above the road bridge looking for pastures new!

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