Sunday, 8 November 2009


What a beautiful early winters day, the clear skies, fresh air and peaceful setting overlooking the links and firth. It was 65 years ago earlier this year when hundreds of young men filled the beaches along the links in training for D-Day. As I looked out across the firth today I wondered how many never came back from the liberation of Europe. I happened to have been born that same year and my Mother often joked that I was born during the battle of the bulge, I was her battle of the bulge ! We all owe that generation a debt of gratitude for the life we enjoy today.

My Father was a coal miner during the war, and my Mother did her bit in a foundry making bomb casings. The whole country was geared up one way or another, to fight against a common enemy.

The scale of wars may have changed, but alas we still have them. It is right that we remember the sacrifice of each generation, and all the young men and women who even today are making the ultimate sacrifice.

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