Monday, 9 November 2009

Sonny Update

Sonny is making very slow progress, and the swollen Foot joint is still apparent. In saying that, he is walking better but it looks like the swollen joint will be a permanent feature. This wont be a problem providing he learns to compensate when walking or landing. The problem is getting him experienced and mature enough to be able to compensate ! If for instance he starts flying again too soon and injures his leg on landing, this will knock him back to square one again !

At the moment he shows no signs of wanting to leave, although there is nothing stopping him except the 5 star service he is currently getting !

A few days ago he had a great time standing in front of the garden fork whilst I shook it, and he cleaned up the worms that came to the surface.

This morning was pretty cold, when I let him out the garage he headed for his drinking trough which was frozen over. The water bowl in the garage was not, so it's obviously warmer in there than outside.
He is getting too damn picky about his food as well, likes cheese, mince, sardines, pilchards, any kind of fresh fish, worms and raw chicken . Tried him with chappie dog food, bread and ham, not keen on any of them.

I think I'm getting too gullible !!

Anyway, a short vid of him enjoying a bath again, he does tend to get mucky since his toilet habits are poor.

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