Thursday, 19 November 2009

Swans, Seal, and Salmon for Sonny

The Swans are still mooching around, and I was amused at hookie ( the one that had the hook in) having a nibble at my shoe after I fed them in the harbour. (See video of that and the seal in the river.)

The new Harbour Pontoons are now in place, and I bet the boat owners are already eyeing up who gets what berth !
The Seal continues to fish successfully in the river, and today it ventured above the roadbridge to the head of the Factors pool. Later I saw it again with another fish below the Merryton bridge, and got a little bit of video after it disposed of it. One of these days I will get it actually catching the fish !

I got a bonus Manna from heaven yesterday, in the form of a 12 pound dead salmon ! It was laying ironically enough where Sonny used to sit all the time. It had been pecked a bit around the head and tail but otherwise was intact. I reckon it has been dead for maybe 3 or 4 days, but still fresh enough for Sonny, so I cut up several pounds of steaks and left the rest for the wildlife on the river. Sonny was in his element pecking and swallowing great lumps of salmon, he ate so much he fell forward with the weight of his crop, silly boy! Anyway he continues to progress and is walking without a limp. Claire the Vet told me that the thickened leg joint will be fibrous / scar tissue and is unlikely to disappear for good. I will give him a while longer before putting him on the garage roof for a trial flight.

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