Thursday, 4 October 2012

Cygnets Away Day - or Return ?

This morning I was surprised to see Popeye and Penny on their own, cygnets nowhere to be seen ! Anyway they both seemed to be enjoying a break from the kids !
I checked the harbour and the sea but no sign of them. A local resident saw them all flying earlier this morning, so it's possible they were taken to join a nearby flock by the parents, who then returned alone. I will be surprised if they have gone already, since they are not quite 5 months old - but if they have joined a flock then they may well be gone for good. 

The last two broods were not given the push until January, and the parents have shown no sign that they wanted this brood to go yet. We will see if they return tomorrow.
Meanwhile our lone white duck is still without a mate and looks very vulnerable. 

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