Friday, 12 October 2012

Weekend Lookback - July 2009

First of all, this morning saw yet another cygnet return to the river this makes 3, and the parents seem quite happy to have them around - so far ! The river is on the rise and I suspect with the continuing rain we are in for a mini flood ! There are still some tourists around and still taking photo's of the swans - probably the most photographed creatures in Nairn ! With digital camera's and mobile phones all able to take pics, I thought I would take a look back to July 2009 when I mentioned this before. The birds shown in order are, Redshanks, Knots, Jackdaw, Herring gulls, male Goosander, Goldfinch, Robin, Female Goosander, Collared Dove, Dipper, Curlew, Shag, Canada geese, Bullfinch's, Brent Geese, Blackbird, and Herring gull pair.
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