Friday, 19 October 2012

Riverside Litter & Other Issues

Over and above the perennial problem of dog poop, with the darker nights aiding the offenders. There are other ongoing issues which affect the Town and the wildlife. Today for instance I picked up the usual litter scattered along the riverbank close to the Swans island, in addition there was a dumped microwave in the river which I retrieved (since no one else was likely to do it ). It was dumped just 15 feet from a large bin, but there's no reasoning with plonkers I guess. There is also a clear danger to children at Brochers brae with the new wall which houses the recently installed sewage pipeline.

 Although I brought this to the attention of the River Community council chair Tommy Hogg, and Cllr Liz MacDonald with the accompanying photo's of  child bikers, they don't appear to see a problem. 

Since before completion when I realised the contractors were going to leave a flat surface on this wall rather than the angled one that was previously there. I voiced my concern knowing that the wall would be used for BMX stunts, skateboarding, and as a seating area with the ensuing litter problem ! I'm not often wrong, but I'm right again ! Residents adjacent to the wall have witnessed similar scenes and in my opinion it's only a question of time before some kid takes a header over the wall resulting in serious injury or worse ! Can you imagine what this surface will be like when it's thick with ice and snow ?
It is also bad for the wildlife because people sit on the wall eating fish and chips and feeding the gulls, finish up by dropping their drinks cans and wrappers into the river, the result can be seen in todays litter collection by me ! The mere fact that bikes use the wall scares the wildlife from their roosting area between the bridges too. Scottish water should be made to reinstate an angled top to the wall rendering it useless for play. With a little imagination it could be made into a very attractive feature. Covering the entire wall top with fixed growing boxes allowing hanging type plants flowers and shrubs, which would make an ugly wall into a cascade of colour. 

This feature already exists at the top of Harbour street close to the traffic lights and is much admired. This is the kind of civic pride that should be expanded throughout Nairn, it draws visitors and would make the riverside walk a positive joy, with colour and wildlife to be seen. C'mon River Councillors, spend some of your  £3832 treasure chest on beautifying the riverside !

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