Thursday, 25 July 2013

Cygnets Bathtime

Today sees the first rain for many weeks and many will be desperate for more. The past month has been a record breaker,  and the river is at a record low level. Duckling numbers have improved of late with another 6 turning up recently. This takes the total surviving to date to 38 with  65 fatalities. The gulls and crows have all but finished feeding their young, and the hot weather also helps the ducklings survival too.
We may get a few more late arrivals, so this could turn out to be one of the best years for ducklings, in spite of the bad start. 
Meanwhile, Summertime and the livin is easy for the Cygnets enjoying a bath! (Short video below)

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Anonymous said...

This is another reason to dislike the seagull.It may be nature and how it works but is is such a shame.I and many others would rather see duck's on the river instead of the pests.where i live most of the young gulls are now flying but it is such a trying time when they are nesting.We can only hope that something is done next year as this can not be ignored the constant noise mess on the cars and the swooping down more so for the safety of young kids.But we will always get the people who think they have every right as we do to live in this town to a point they are but every year they get worse and worse.So when will something be done about them ?.