Sunday, 28 July 2013

Wildlife Woes

There seems to be a spate of young gulls getting run over this past week, I have had 3  taken away by the Scottish SPCA. One of them was left in my garden by someone today. If you see any injured birds, the easy to remember number of the Scottish SPCA is 03000 999 999.
 Yet again one of the cygnets was caught up in fishing line - again at the harbour entrance while they were eating river weed, it was pure good fortune that it was able to get free. When I pointed this out to a local angler I got a mouthful of threats and abuse, and tried to blame me for feeding the swans in the first place ! Fortunately the Harbour master was able to remove the line the following morning. The folly of allowing fishing at the harbour continues, to the detriment of the wildlife.

 Then this evening 2 canoes came right up the river chasing all the wildlife upstream. The river is the lowest it has ever been and in no condition for canoes, or angling for that matter.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you want no one to use the bottom part of the river incase YOUR swan's and duck's are put in fear and alarm !.If people want to fish or use canoes then they have every right to.People have used the river many many years before you and your new trust were anywhere near the river.Getting on at tourists because they are feeding them white bread is beyond sad and pathetic.It is yourself who needs to be educated in your attitude towards people young and old.Give respect and you might just some back in return.

wheres ma bush said...

Joe, the river is for everyone to enjoy.
You are right about anglers leaving line and hooks.
But you cannot have a pop at canoeists.
One could say that the birds got more of a fright because they were congregated in the one area due to your feeding them at the time?

Are there any rules that say the river cannot be used for canoeing?

jayteescot1 said...

Most people get enormous amount of pleasure just seeing the waterfowl on the river. They are not my Swans and ducks, but they are waterbirds and belong in the water which is their environment and domain. The Scottish Outdoor access code have guidelines on canoes and their responsibilities regarding wildlife. It is common knowledge that the area between the roadbridge and bailey bridge is populated by wildlife and using canoes or kayaks in this area terrifies them. As far as the wildlife are concerned, canoes and kayaks with humans and flashing paddles is totally unnatural and drives them away, It's the waterworld equivalent of beaters with sticks crossing a moor to drive out grouse. It always astounds me that canoes or kayaks can't leave that few hundred yards in peace, when there is the entire Scottish coastline and thousands of miles of water elsewhere.

jayteescot1 said...

Anon, It's a sad fact that familiarity breeds contempt, no one was all that interested in the river over the last 10 years until now. It was seen as a place to dump stuff in, or take fish out. Now that the wildlife are an item and part of the Nairn tourist scene, it seems everyone has view on it. I admit I have got on the wrong side of a few, but my attitude to most is favourable. There are several reasons why people shouldn't feed the swans and ducks white bread. There is no nutritional value in white bread, and too much of it causes a disease in Swans similar to rickets. Secondly, people throwing lumps of white bread only attracts gulls that put the ducklings lives at risk, and thirdly, creating a gull colony on the river is bad for everyone, since people won't get peace to feed the Swans or ducks. Frankly I think the area between the road bridge and Bailey bridge should be a sanctuary and haven exclusively for the wildlife, and fishing only allowed there when the conditions are suitable. As for respect, people who hide behind the anonymity cloak shouldn't talk about respect.

Anonymous said...

", canoes and kayaks with humans and flashing paddles is totally unnatural"

And a guy with a bag full of bird seed is?

You do a lot of good on the river Joe, it is a great pity that you offset that good with your attitude to other river users.

It is hardly surprising that the angler gave you abuse, if you had your way there would be a cordon round the river with only access for you.

If you made more effort to get on with people and preached less, you might find that you could have a more positive impact on other river users.

But then again, everyone else is wrong and you are right.

jayteescot1 said...

Over the years I have made great efforts to get on with the wildlife, they can tell the difference between those who scare, and those who care for them. The Angler in question previously had a beef about me feeding the pigeons at the bridge, that later switched to me feeding the swans, and ultimately made his feelings plain by his couldn't care less about the cygnet being caught up in fishing line. I'd rather get on with the wildlife.

Anonymous said...

"They can tell the difference between those who scare and those who care",Ha Ha is that why one of the swans battered the bejazus out of you?

jayteescot1 said...

What the cob did was entirely natural, I grabbed his mate put her on her back to remove the fishing line and she gave the distress call. I expected the response but not as painful as it turned out. Those circumstances were exceptional and not the norm.

Anonymous said...

Joe, I've been on the receiving end of one of your sermons regarding the wildlife.
I just politely nodded my head.
I can fully understand why someone who is probably a responsible fisherman being put out by your harping on about wildlife when all you want to do is enjoy your quiet fish.

Not everyone is as passionate about it as you and the majority never will.

I love seeing all the wildlife, but it would still be there if you weren't feeding it.

I just wish you would learn some people skills and just get on with getting on.

Anonymous said...

You say they are not YOUR Swans & Ducks, yet you say YOU want a sanctuary for them? Are you aware of the noise YOUR Ducks make throughout the night Keeping childern awake? Gulls go to roost around 10.30pm. Have you forgotten Nairn is a Sea-side Town which means Gulls are part of OUR Heritage. You are an incomer & think locals are stupid, just because we let the ducks be & fed them now & again & in the winter. Saying no-one had an interest in the river before you came is VERY ignorant & far from the truth. Why dont you move to a huge sanctuary in Norfolk where you can have thousands of Ducks & swans to look after & stop getting everyones dander up!! There was a Roe Deer in the river spashing about, scaring the ducks, what are you going to do? Blast its head off?

jayteescot1 said...

Well Anon's, Here was I thinking I got on fine with most of the Nairn population, maybe they are all incomers of course. I must have missed you out - sorry about that.

jayteescot1 said...

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