Thursday, 4 July 2013

Faith's New Family

After a restful night, I put Faith our new bill-less duck into the Aviary ready to meet her new family, which was her own 3 ducklings and 4 older motherless ones badly in need of a mother.

 The ducklings headed straight for her, and she immediately recognised her offspring and allowed them close contact, she then nuzzled one of the older ones but showed no signs of rejection, it was just as I hoped ! This remarkable duck  is not only brave in adversity but a generous Mother as well.
I tube fed her 3 times today for she has lost a lot of weight, she does not make a fuss and allows me to pick her up without avoidance and struggles, which would normally be the case with a wild duck, she knows I am looking out for her, which is great. I also noticed she does have the ability to take a drop of water at a time, literally a drop, for she has no bottom part to her bill at all.


Anonymous said...

So so so delighted to see these photo's!! Brought a tear to my eye!!

jayteescot1 said...

Yes it's heart warming stuff, I think a lot of us can emotionally relate to the plight of this poor duck.