Tuesday, 2 July 2013


After 6 Days I finally managed to catch the duck with no bill, as expected it was getting weaker by the day and unable to fly this morning. It is amazing that she lasted so long without food with such a traumatic injury as well. She faithfully followed me around every day, pleading for help which I was unable to give - until today.

I consider it a privilege to be able to help this beautiful bird that tried so hard to save her ducklings which cost her bill and the ability to eat. There is an ethical and moral question here if I was a vet, the answer would be simple and clear - put it to sleep. However I am not a Vet and I ask myself if this was a human that lost it's mouth and jaws in a car accident would we put them to sleep ? Clearly the answer is No. I have this ducks 3 surviving ducklings which she saved, she can fly, walk, swim and quack, but currently cannot feed herself. I am prepared to tube feed her in order that she can rear her offspring, perhaps she will develop some way of being able to feed as time passes. I have already trimmed away the dead hanging skin and ragged boney edges left by the Otters bite, in addition given her anti inflammatory painkiller, as well as liquidised food.

 She is now recuperating in isolation and I will introduce her to her offspring tomorrow, along with 4 other ducklings in the hope that she will rear them all. I have named her "Faith", because of the faith she put in me over the past 6 days, that I would somehow solve her plight, this I intend to do.

Many of you will be glad to see a happy ending to what has been a pretty tough week.


Anonymous said...

So delighted to hear that you had the duck and are able and willing to do something for her. I found it so distressing to see her trying to feed on Monday so this has made my day. Fingers crossed she makes good progress with all the care and attention I am sure shes going to get!!

Anonymous said...

So whatever happened?