Thursday, 28 June 2018

Hottest Day

The hot weather continues with Temperatures into the 80s today. Everything was trying to chill out, including the birds.  

First thing this morning I found a rock dove in the garden in it's final death throes, don't know if this was heat related or not. 

On the neighbours tin roof, the 3 gull chicks were struggling in the heat with gaping mouths trying to cool down. I felt pangs of guilt having a garden pond just feet away, so decided to give them some water to help them out. 

This was immediately appreciated with the 3 of them piling in for a much needed drink. 

Being a tin roof the heat must have been unbearable.
The river is the lowest I have ever seen, in the near 40 years having been in the area.

Penny has started moulting and Duke is now in total charge of family safety, chasing anything that comes near.  

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