Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Island Duck Hatches 9

The Mallard duck in a previous post nesting on the Swans island, showed up this evening with 9 ducklings. I am particularly happy about this as she was chased off the nest by a Black Spaniel called Bailey !! This happened around the 2nd of June, and was seen by a Trust member who related the story to me. 

Fortunately the Duck did not abandon the nest and has hatched them just before the high spring tide in a couple of days time. I watched her this evening as she came to me for a quick feed then returned to her ducklings on the island, chasing some drakes away in the process ! 

Hopefully her chances are better with heavy growth and plenty of available food now.

On my way home I spotted a gull chick falling from the Macintosh building in the high street, it is being watched by the parent bird and is currently in the hair salon doorway.

This is likely to be a regular occurrence from now on, with gale force winds forecast for Wednesday / Thursday.

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