Monday, 11 June 2018

Seagull Sandwich

Tried out the new camera again today, able to spend some more time experimenting with the zoom lens. A good subject close by were the 3 gull chicks - chilling on the neighbours roof.

These little ones are following a long line produced from this pair for over 10 years.

On a nearby roof as luck would have it, a pair of Great Black back Gulls stood with a herring gull sandwiched between them. People think a Herring gull swooping down on them is scary, just be thankful it's not the Black back !

This was fortuitous to give all my viewers a scale of size between these birds. Basically the Great black Back is the T Rex of the Gull species, an apex predator, they can easily take a fully grown Mallard duck, so ducklings are easy pickings !

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