Saturday, 23 June 2018


Yet again Plastic pollution hits the news headlines.

The sad sight of wildlife starving to death because their stomachs filled with plastic, unable to eat real food is heart wrenching. The top photo shows the plastic that came out of one bird !

Perhaps it's time that Schools added the subject of Planet pollution to the lessons, as the kids today will have the pollution problems of tomorrow ?  

Surely this subject  should be given a greater priority than the consumer society that has created it ?

All of us have to think more about the use of plastics, especially single use stuff and teach the kids to stop throwing litter down. 

They should be made to realise that even sweetie wrappers are plastic and not paper, and it gets blown into the rivers and pollutes the sea. 

                             I have published this subject before and make no apology for a repeat with pictures - showing exactly what is going on around the Planet..

Make no mistake, the biodegrade charts don't tell the whole story, even after this happens hundreds of years from now, the tiny particles are still available for sea life to eat - ultimately into the food chain !  


Jiminy Jillickers said...

we really are a disgusting species. Hopefully we'll fade away to dust and animal life can flourish with out us killing everything.

jayteescot1 said...

In the Grand scheme of things, I'd say there's a good chance that will happen some day !