Tuesday, 8 January 2019

On Borrowed Time

Birds ability to determine the time is amazingly accurate. Over the years I have observed how mid winter is marked by birds re-claiming their territory, and the change in attitude as they pass the longest nights and head towards spring. 

Penny and Duke likewise know that spring is on the way, and today Duke started chasing a couple of his offspring, getting them ready for the final family breakup.

The cygnets are now on borrowed time and the parting has now started, it may take a couple of weeks, but they will soon be on their way to start life's journey.

Duke will have started the spring testosterone build up, and Penny knows it.

The cygnets also know they must depart - for it is part of the Swans life cycle. 

Already some swans are looking to join a flock, and others will be looking for a mate and nesting sites. As it happens, one flew over this morning and spotted by Duke with his wings up, decided to fly on.  

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