Thursday, 31 January 2019

Snow Birds

Coldest night of the year so far, lovely blue sky, cold fresh air and no wind. This type of winter weather suits me fine. 

Thought Penny and Duke had chased the cygnets away, as they both turned up for their daily feed alone. 

They both enjoyed their feed in relative peace, with Penny giving snorts of satisfaction. Short video below.

Once finished with the feed, they settled down for a preen in the morning Sun. 

Decided to check down by the harbour to see if the cygnets were there, as this was the spot I fed them yesterday. 

Sure enough there they were a few yards from the ice encased harbour. Looks like Penny and Duke have already made the break, and should be relatively easy to escort the cygnets away at their time of choosing. They have had them around for nearly 9 months which is about the longest rearing period  in the 12 years since Penny has been in the river. 

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