Saturday, 27 June 2020

Island Ducklings

Was pleasantly surprised this evening by Mother duck showing up with 11 ducklings from the Swans Island.

She is a regular and has nested there the past few years. 

Additionally her mate was also close by which is not usual, so it was nice to see him as a deterrent to other drakes. I gave her a good feed and also the ducklings with crushed dried Mealworm, this is the only thing apart from insects that they eat at this stage.

                      If you see them DON'T THROW BREAD TO THEM, This will only attract predatory Gulls and Crows that will kill them! Also spotted another mother with 6 this morning. Having late hatchings are often the most successful with more cover and insect life around. Short video of the little darlings below. 

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