Saturday, 6 June 2020


As anticipated, today sees the new generation of Nairn swans hatching on the Swans Island. 

Sue and Slim continue the Dynasty set by Penny and Popeye over the last decade. Currently I have spotted 3 cygnets and possibly more to follow.

Weather conditions could not have been worse with torrential rain during the night causing a big spate on the river. Not only is it dangerous for fledglings, but disturbs the swans food supply on the riverbed. Sue has been keeping them warm and dry in spite of the torrential rain. 

This morning she decided to come to me for some sustenance as it has been 3 days since she last left the nest. I took a few pics as she descended into the river and only later realised that 3 cygnets were about to follow her as Slim took on babysitting duties. 

Thankfully they did not follow Mum, as the water is fast flowing and the island steep with dense growth. You have to look carefully to spot them between Slim and Sue, the individual one is easier to see on Mum in the nest.

Sue was born exactly 4 years ago on the exact same spot, this is a huge advantage because she knows the river in all conditions, Slim will follow her lead and learn all there is to know about the territory as well. Further details on the cygnets will be posted as and when I get the chance.  


Unknown said...

Great news๐Ÿ’–

Suzzieness said...

So looking forward to being able to visit nairn again. New life new hope

Anonymous said...

This is great news. Some good in these times for all. So sad about Duke but good to see new family on River. Cant wait to get back to Nairn to see them. You do a great tireless and selfless job with the River birds Joe. Stay Safe.

Unknown said...

Great news Joe!๐Ÿ‘Œ