Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Donnie Takes Flight - But All's Well


Hearing a commotion from Disco last night, I guessed that Donnie had taken off about 11pm. He has just moulted and grew his new plumage recently, the new lot of Ducklings and Doris probably made up his mind to move back to the river for some peace !  

He and Disco were an item, and I think he may well return in the spring, we'll see. 

Meanwhile, Disco has now to get friendly with Doris and made some serious efforts today, not threatening her ducklings and getting into the pool with all of them! 

Doris was keeping a beady eye on her, shadowing her round the pool.

 Doris is still improving, and I think they will be great company for each other after the ducklings fledge. 

Meanwhile down on the riverside, the Cygnets are almost the size of Mum and Dad, and both Slim and Sue are moulting with Sue due to get her new plumage first. 

The mother duck with 9 and another that tags along, are also thriving and she is as diligent as ever keeping them safe. Two short videos below showing both families after feeding, and Doris ducklings at home.

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