Monday, 2 August 2021

Doris Puts Her Foot Down

Doris is amazing and improving every day, she is strong and even  with a gammy leg able to defend her offspring. I let her and the ducklings into the garden 4 times a day, to forage and bathe. 

Today while they sat by the pool close to Disco and Donnie, one of the ducklings strayed too close to Disco and she opened her bill to threaten it. Doris immediately jumped up and attacked Disco who backed off, even with one leg she was not deterred from a fight! 

She has put her foot down several times today, and I saw her scratch her neck and face with it.  I still keep Doris in the coop for 12 hours at night to rest her leg, the remainder of the day they can use the garden to forage and bathe. The shattered bone and ligaments have been damaged, but I hope that she will get enough use of the leg in time. Short video below showing her gradual use of the leg as it begins to touch the ground.  

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