Thursday, 5 August 2021


                         In a break from the past, the Trust have now produced a special edition 2022 Calendar- with some fabulous photos from Trust members included. Our New Trust Secretary Iona Gibson, has shown her professional talents by designing this superb Calendar. In keeping with our environmental aims, the calendar has been printed on both sides, reducing waste and our contribution to Climate change. 

High quality at a lower Price for Trust members at £6 each. Also available from other local retail outlets, The Nairn Bookshop, and Strachans. 

                        Ideal attractive low cost Christmas presents, with the assurance that every penny goes to the care and welfare of the river wildlife! Limited amount available now.


Wendy Grocott-Jones said...

Hi Joe,
Would you please post me 10 calendars for 2020?
I can pay you via PayPal or bank transfer.
10 calendars plus P&P
Just let me know how much and the method of payment.
My address is
39, Whimbrel Avenue
Thank you
Vulcan and Beatrix are still looking after their six cygnets here on the Sankey canal at Wargrave, Newton-Le-Willows, Merseyside.
Their babies are huge now at 14 weeks old. Beatrix has nearly grown all her new flight feathers and Vulcan is waiting to moult his flight feathers. I am looking forward to witnessing some flying lessons next month.
Hope your Nairn swans and family are doing well as well as your rescue ducks and ducklings.
All the best to you, Joe.
Thanks again
Wendy Grocott-Jones x

jayteescot1 said...

Hi Wendy, Good to hear from you, Thanks for the order. Will post on Monday as local post office closed on Saturday. I have sent you an email regarding payment details by bank transfer. Paypal take commission so bank transfer best.

Here, Slim and Sue cygnets also huge, except for the Runt, still well behind the others. Must be genetic, but hoping it catches up before they all get ousted by the parents. Will do a web post showing Doris and ducklings progress shortly, they are good.
Keep up the good work
Joe x

REIGHLEE said...

Hi! I’m Reighlee.
I want to know where to buy this calendar.
Because I don’t live in UK..
I live in South Korea. So, I wonder how to buy it! And I'd like to sponsor a little bit.
Please reply me. Thank you :>

jayteescot1 said...

Hi Reighlee, If you contact The Nairn Bookshop, High Street Nairn. IV12. Nairn Highland Scotland. I'm sure they will be able to send you one.
Hope this helps. Thank You.