Friday, 3 September 2021

Ducklings Progress

Doris's Ten ducklings are approaching the fledging point and should be ready for release at the end of next week. 

Doris has made such a great recovery from the broken leg, that I've decided she can also return with her brood back to the river. 

She has been moulting and will also have a limp, but her prospects are good and her brood will benefit from her experience. 

The good thing is that at least half her brood are females, which is great for future stocks. In spite of the horrendous injury, she has ensured the survival of all her brood...something that would not have happened if she did not have the accident! I can honestly say she is one of my best rehab successes. 

Meanwhile Saffron and Ebony are also growing, in spite of non mothering by Disco. 

She tolerates them sharing the coop and aviary, but no love given.

 However, when we return Doris and ducklings to the river, Disco will be more inclined to get on with Saffron and Ebony.

Short video below showing Disco having a preen bath, and Saffron and ebony doing their own thing. 


Ianzak said...

Brilliant to see this ..u do amazing work

jayteescot1 said...

Thank you Lanzak, It's great to get a good result.