Thursday, 23 September 2021

Injured Cygnet Chased By Canoes !

Yesterday I noticed one of the cygnets unable to cross the shingle  at feeding time. I knew something was wrong as the rest of the family were eating, as it paced back and forth in the water. Eventually using it's wings it scrabbled over the shingle bed trailing one leg. From what I could see, the leg was intact but obviously unusable. 

My feeling was a bad landing in shallow water during the high gusty winds. I have given it 2 doses of anti inflammatory / pain killer, in the hope that it will heal quicker. The use of the legs is vital to be able to take off and fly!  

This morning after dispensing the treatment the family rested on the shingle bed, all except the injured cygnet sticking to the water. This is exactly what was needed...only to be shattered by the curse of Canoes ! 

Even after asking them nicely to avoid disturbing the wildlife and the injured bird, they still chased all of them away. Seems they don't care about the rights or welfare of the wildlife, even when injured ! There should be NO BOATING in this part of the river !

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