Friday, 10 September 2021

Good Week

This has been a good week, not always the case when dealing with wildlife. 

The successful release of Doris and her ducklings, also opened a new chapter for Saffron and Ebony, now in the care of the Trust. 

My hopes that Disco our resident disabled duck would foster Saffron and Ebony once Doris and ducklings were off the scene, appears to be happening right now. 

Disco has been warming to the Motherless pair, and allowing them to get closer without squabbling her discontent. The pair are now 3 weeks old and still have to cuddle together in the absence of motherly love.

 However, since being allowed into the garden at last, they have room to run around and have a dip in the garden pond, dashing back to Disco if danger threatens.

Meanwhile Doris and her ducklings have settled happily back to the river life and integrated with the other ducks.

 Our late developer cygnet Runty, has put on weight and blossomed outwards, almost catching up with the other 6 well developed siblings. Yes, it's been a good week! Short video below showing Saffron and Ebony at 3 weeks.

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